secret santa

secret santa is going mostly well except some members didn’t get any gifts. i plan to start a general secret santa and allow ppl to make gifts to those who didn’t receive any at the end. that should be cool. i’m making at least one for every one of those =) everyone should get some gifts for christmas yeah? =)

yesterday i took that art history final. eeek. it sucked. i didn’t want to take a second look once i finished. i think i at least passed. that’s all i really need to do for that test. i’m taking that course as a pass or fail course. no more art history class for the rest of my life. next semester i’m taking:

  • Computer Organization and Hardware
  • China 1800 – Present
  • Interpretation of Literature
  • Principle of Chemistry

That will really suck. I will be so much busier than this semester. grr.. oh well, i suppose i dont have to worry about that yet. oh yeah, have i told you i got an A in my creative writing class? The teacher left only praise in my evaluation. gosh. i’m like his favorite student or something =P but that class turned out much better than i excepted. maybe i will take it again for extra credits =P

i’m pluggin stacey. her new layout is too awesome to be missed. looks awesome too. i need to learn how to do those vectors in ps 6. where can i find some tutorials?
quizno’s is so expensive. i went there and now i’m broke =P $6.49 for a sub. that’s not fair. i only went there coz toco bell has the longest line i’ve ever seen in my life. eek, my mouth smells like onions now. even with eclipse in my mouth. =P

3 thoughts on “secret santa

  1. Yeah, I didn’t get any gifts for Secret Santa, but can I help make presents for other people who didn’t? Congrats that you got an A in creative writing =)

  2. My secret santa sent me two ecards, but that’s all … o.O Er, do I qualify? ^^ I haven’t heard from my secret santa lately … Wonder where she is?

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