bad morning

man i have the worst morning. i went to greyhound station to purchase my tickets for the trip. first of all i found out it will take a day and 13 hours to get from here to Fort Lauderdale, FL, that’s crazy. and then they raised the price on me. last time i called, they said it’s $119 for a round trip, now it’s $158. what’s up with that? that’s not even the worst. when i gave her my check, they got this message from telecheck saying there’s something wrong with my check. i went to my bank to find out what’s wrong. they told me there’s nothing wrong with my account and i need to call telecheck. great! i went to the lab and called the 800 number and they told me all they wanted was to verify it was “me” who’s writing the check. so the greyhound ppl could have just called them. he also said he’s verified my check for me so i should be able to use that check now. i was first pissed at the greyhound, how stupid can they get? so i walked five blocks back to the station and told them what was going on and let them try again. they told me it’s still not working. they called the 800 number too, several times. instead of getting an answer, they told me they only got a “we can not locate information” recording. WHAT???!!!
i wasted TWO hours walking in the snow with my high heels (ouch my feet hurt) and got ABSOLUTELY nothing!!! i still didn’t get the tickets even tho i HAVE the money. what is that??! it’s some stupid telecheck. GRRRR. i’m so mad. i don’t even know who to blame and where this trouble came from.

that’s such a bad morning ><

3 thoughts on “bad morning

  1. awww poor you dodo! *huggies*

    ai, that really does sound like a screwed up morning. Poor you… hope everything turns out right, and you get your tickets for your trip. Just look at it, as a little bump in the road to where you wanna go =)

    it’ll be alright ^___^; keep on calling them, start pissing them off… muaha! hope everything turns out for the better dodo (=

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