happy new year

happy new year everyone!! did you do anything special on new year’s eve? i didn’t. i worked on my client‘s site. and i made my first attempt for the layout and they actually like it. comparing to my previous client, this is SO MUCH better. daynah has a new layout and so does diana! aren’t they both gorgeous?!
DMB zine second issue is out. GO READ and comment!!! =)

3 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. wow, that layout looks great dodo! you really made the site look a lot better! i like daynah’s new years layout also, very neat! your new zine issue seems great, i’ve only read a little bit, i’m gonna read the rest now.. awesome work as usual!

  2. Zine is great sis! Al and I both love the echirps site! The one you made that is… it’s very professional and yet fun at the same time. Thank u for the plug! ^_^

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