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my client

my client laurie is such a nice lady. yesterday i stayed up five and fell asleep day time. when she was here to drop off a disk for me in the morning, i wasn’t even awake. so she left the disk at the door and some deserts from java house she bought me for breakfast!!! i’m so touched. she didn’t treat me just as a person who she pays to do a website for her. she treated me as a friend. i’m so happy that she actually likes me as a person too. we had a talk later during the day. i got her into aim hehe and she liked it.
i’ve been thinking about the coding of the site last nite. i had the implusion to turn on the computer and get started. but knowing i was gonna work this morning, i decided to try fall asleep. i finally did at 2 and waking up at 9:30 this morning and the first thoughts i had was about the site. i really want to do a good job on the site. so i will go ahead get started.

3 thoughts on “my client

  1. wow that is so nice of her! what a great person. there should be more ppl like that on the earth, but sadly there isn’t. yea, if a client of mine did that for me i would definitly have more feeling toward working on his/her web site. i’m glad that she thinks of you as a friend. it’s great because it’s not just plain business, it’s also like friendship and helping her out.. so that’s cool. i can’t wait to see the future layout of i bet she’ll absolutely love it!

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