school n work

been working

i’ve been working hard on my client site. that’s why i don’t do other stuff around the net a lot these days. it’s turning out well. i’m happy and my client is happy too. i’ve got my first $250 check. they will pay me the rest when i’m done.
oh i also found out that i got 4.0 this semester!! YAY!!!
ok also, i wonder how ppl write emails these days. first of all, i don’t know where these people found out my email and they always start asking questions from nowhere. today i got this:
Subject: precious moments font?
Do you have this letter font? I couldn’t get through some of your site to look.

HUH??! does that mean s/he wants a font named “precious moments” or asking about font i’m using for my precious moments site? do you have any idea? i feel that i’m too nice to even reply to such emails =P

One thought on “been working

  1. happy about the work you’re doing =) that it’s going well… hehe

    and about the emails… ai… people are queer… don’t type full sentaces. And yea… hehe you’re too nice even replying them. I would have just deleted the email, and moved on to the next weird one. hehehe, but oh well!

    congrats about your mark for the semester ^___^ smartie

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