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the day went well

yesterday was such a wonderful day. i spent most of the day working on the script for managing my client’s site. It‘s mostly done!! I’m quite happy with the result, so does Laurie =) She’s gonna pay me $500 for the entire project which for some people, it’s not much but i really didn’t do this job just for the money. I will gain so much experience from it and it will be a big chunk more in my portfolio. I’m really happy that she really cares about paying me. She values my work and respect me =) Later last nite I got my very own phpdev installed on my computer. It’s GREAT!!! I had a little difficulty with getting mysql server installed on my computer. Thanks to mike from xmb for all the help. It’s now running and that means I can test my php & mysql scripts right on my own computer. No more uploading and dealing my hosting company’s mysql downtime! YAY~!!! and there is even more surprise at the end. I got a card from ANDY!!! On the front page it says “You’re all I need to be happy” and inside is a poem written by him:

On My Honor

On my honor, I will do my best
to be a better man.
I show my love in all the ways
that I can.
I wish one day to show I
became the man I want to be.
You don’t know how much it
means when you are proud of me.
On my honor I swear to fulfill
everything you need from love.
If I must walk the longest road,
climb the tallest mountain,
swim the greatest ocean,
and brave my greatest fears.
I will do all of these to prove
my heart is true,
so that you know now and

sob, i’m so touched. i don’t know what else to ask. he said everything i could ever want from a man. ;_;

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