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carried away

i’m still busy working on the client’s site. yesterday i finished the search function, today i did mailing list. but i seem to be carried away sometime. i can’t believe we are gonna leave for florida this saturday. it seems so soon and yet so faraway. i wonder what would be the world like over there. hmm… i can already smell the fresh air. a whole week of vacation. wow, that sounds almost too good to be true. *blush* i will be taking lots of pictures of course. and hopefully have lots of fun. talking about it.. where should i go? i need to check out more places where we can visit while we are there.. does anyone know what are some good places in fort lauderdale?

5 thoughts on “carried away

  1. Great job on the site sis! I hope you have a great time in Florida! You need a vacation! ^_^ Universal Studios… are you going to that? I haven’t been there yet heheh

  2. i live in florida! but uh, i don’t think there’s much to do in fort lauderdale. go to orlando, miami, and key west. those are the big places that you MUST GO TO. ^_^ other than that, all the other little cities are great. don’t forget to go to the beach!
    btw, i ^love^ this layout. blue is such a cool color.

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