i'm Cherry flavoured!“Your flavor is: Cherry
You are a sweet person to those who care the most and you have a kind heart.”

this is one of the few tests that didn’t annoy me. coz it doesn’t have THAT MANY questions and it’s cute. i got cherry. yay, i’m a cherry. no wonder i wear red so often LOL

we are gonna shop for stuff we will bring on the road to florida tonite. i need yummy beef jerky! i will make some sandwishes and stuff too. hmm i dont know if i will have internet access at florida. most likely not. so i won’t be able to blog or post on my board for 10 days >< awww.. i will miss

4 thoughts on “cherry

  1. i’m a cherry too! yay! lol. wow, 10 days, i’m gonna miss you dodo! so much! i’ll still be goi to this site everyday though! 😀

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