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the modern china class

i was reading “The Search for Modern China” by Jonathan D. Spence. I’m quite impressed by the amount of insights about china this book gives. i took this class hoping to see how american sees china historically. i end up finding myself so much engaged to all the info i’m actually learning. we are assigned to read the first two chapters by monday. reading has never been my favorite so is history, but this book attracts me. i dont know why. it’s the story about my own country; a tale created by my ancestors. i’ve of coursed heard of Li Zicheng, Manchus before but i never knew the significance of them until today. i finished the chapters already and are now looking through all the photos and artworks. if you have a chinese background or wish to know about china since Qing dynasty to present, i highly recommend this book. it’s cheap too. 1000 pages paperback for only $20 at amazon. I bought it for $30 at my local bookstore. I certainly it’s much worthwhile than most of my other textbooks.

4 thoughts on “the modern china class

  1. It’s very amazing how much you can learn you’re own culture and history. I really liked to study Asian History. I also enjoy reading fiction who are especially by asian authors. Enjoy your book….

  2. yea, asian history is very interesting. i don;t know that much though, but i’ll be sur eto know more in the future.

    xoxo, dana

  3. purday new layout =) Im from china (you have the same name as my sister!) but i dont find books as interesting as visiting museams and actualy places ^^

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