new layout for valentines

yeah new layout as you can see. alice got ahead of me =P i just put it up. i’ve been playing with layouts and wasn’t very successfully. my brain must be drained from all the school work awwwwwww >< poor me. i finally came up with this. not very great i know. it's very simple. it's actually one of the more eye pleasing ones i've tried. sad. maybe i can come up with something better in a month or two. it's just not the right time.

tomorrow is my birthday. i’d just treat this layout as my shabby birthday gift for myself. andy’s got something going on. he won’t tell me.

i have to do this master chemistry assignment with NETSCAPE and only netscape for my chemistry class. that’s such a pain. that software doesn’t run well on IE. so i have to do the homework at home. since there’s no netscape installed on any computers at the lab i’m working at.

i applied for this job yesterday. i didn’t want to apply at first since it only pays $7. that’s pretty ridiculous for that kind of job. i sit in the computer babysit people and still get $7.75/hour this year. but then i thought what have i got to lose? so i applied and only hope it will turn out to be much more than $7/hour otherwise i will stick with my current job. afterall my job right now is painless.

i like watching andy playing fallout. it’s a very well designed game. lots of violence but lots of stories. and the character andy plays somehow became a porn star LOL. i think it’s amusing.

4 thoughts on “new layout for valentines

  1. muaha, aren’t i fast?? haha… i loaded your page with your new layout half done… haha so i suck around for awhile.. ; )

    but again, it’s very nice, sweet and simple, and purfect colours for valentines, so pinky!!! hehe

    and i know how school and do with brainblocks… hahaha i’ve been having them too much. Like i WANT to do something, but i don’t know what, or nothing turns out how i want it too… but oh well
    still a very nice layout dodo! : )

  2. this is such a great v-day layout! it’s officially your birthday coz it’s 12:02 right now where i’m from (new york). have the greatest birthday ever!

    xoxo, dana

  3. Oo wow!! What a pretty layout! I love it!! The colors are so pretty! I love all the shades~! ^.^/! I could stay at the this site forever just staring! ^.^/!

    Daynah is right! your birthday is now! I wished your a happy bday at my blog~! But I’m gonna send you a card~! ^.^/!

  4. bw_ i’m not daynah as in dodo’s net sis, i’m dana, dodo’s, umm, admirer! 😀 heh, just clearing that up! happy bday again dodo! have fun!

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