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i added it! i finally added it. i added the class i want. Computer hardware and organization section 1. i’ve been trying so hard and it had been a total frustration until today.

when i found out the “Computer Organization and Hardware” class section i’m enrolled in is overlapping twice a week with my Modern China class, i thought switching to section 1 is simple. i didn’t know it would cost so much worries and troubles. when i went to section 1 last thursday and when i asked the teacher about adding the course, he just said “keep coming”. he didn’t tell me there’s a long waiting list for his class or the fact he’s only allowed to have certain number of people in his class. i thought everything was fine and went got the book. i didn’t think there will be difficulty, silly enough, i didn’t even keep the receipt for the book i bought.

this tuesday when i went to the class and trying to add it again. the teacher showed me and several others his LONG waiting list. and he claimed he could only have 39 students since the fire code of UI said there can be no more than 40 people in the room he teaches. and he added everyone on his waiting list and total of 39. i was not on his waiting list. i still don’t know how those ppl got on his waiting list. i can only add that class if someone drops which is unlikely to happen. next monday is the last day i can add/drop a class without paying. i was stumped. i didn’t know what to do. i turned to my advisor for options. (my first time seeing/talking to my advisor) he’s a professor from india. i told him my situation, he turned around asked “ummm, what can i do?” WHAT CAN YOU DO? you suppose to help me idiot! grrr.. right a way i knew i was not gonna get much help from him. there are so many wonderful professors in cs department, how did i get him as my advisor >< so i thought my only option is to add another cs class. "computer language concepts" is the only class i can take that fits my schedule. meantime my advisor agreed to talk to the teacher who teaches hardware section 1 class to see if he can do anything to make the teacher add me to the class. i left tuesday hoping he could carry out his promise and perhaps giving me a chance to get in that class.

wednesday i went to his (my advisor) office again to ask for results. it turned out he HASN’T talked to my hardware class teacher YET! by this time i told myself that i had to handle this soly on my own. my advisor is really not taking this seriously. i went to my hardware teacher’s office later of the day. he insisted he couldn’t add me coz he couldn’t break the fire code. he wanted to check on the fire code thing again by calling someone. but the person whom he wanted to talk to was not there at the time. i told him i REALLY REALLY want to add that class. i already bought the book and if anyone drops or if he has any new information, please let me know. he couldn’t promise anything but he agreed to let me know if anything happens. i left his office heartbroken. at that time my situation was all a mess.
1. i can not go back to my first section. the overlapping will not do me any good.
2. i can probably add that “computer language concepts” class but it would mean i’ve already missed a week and half of the class.
3. i can not just drop the class altogether coz i need to maintain 12 hours of credits to be a full time student.
4. i can not wait til someone drops or anything happens to add the new hardware class section coz the “computer language concepts” class is on the same time as my hardware class which means i’d better go to the “computer language concepts” class if i knew i can’t add the hardware class. so i don’t keep missing classes in “computer language concepts” class.

so today instead of going to hardware class, i went to the “computer language concepts” class. i had the class added and guess what? the professor who teaches that class is a first year foreign professor. NO ONE understands his English. i mean seriously!!! he can’t speak much ENGLISH. HOLY COW.. i was so disappointed. i can’t imagine what would it be like to have his class for the rest of the semester. in comparison, my hardware teacher is SO MUCH better. my hardware teacher is also better than the teacher in my first hardware section. by then i was more than ever so desperately wanting to add this hardware section instead going with that foreign freak. arrrr………

the “computer language concepts” class got off about half hour earlier than the hardware morning section. i waited in the hallway for the hardware section. a student in the “computer language concepts” class told me half of the students in that class dropped the first day of class. even tho he’s the only teacher who teaches that course, ppl still drop like crazy. just give you an idea how terrible he’s. finally the hardware class was over and when i got the news.. i really felt like hugging someone. i was jumping up and down!!!! the hardware teacher found out that fire code actually says there can be 40 students in the class. since he as an instructor is not sitting in one of the seats, he should not be counted.

YESSSSSSS!!!! so i FINALLY added the class i REEEEAALLY want to add =) I’m so happy now and due to the huge snow storm we had last nite my interpretation of literature class was cancelled. WOOHOOO!!! life is good!!

6 thoughts on “YESSS!!!

  1. congrats on finally getting the class you wanted, it’s hard when your advisor doesnt give a damn…so it’s best to depend on yourself cos nobody is going to care for you but yourself…except the one that loves you of course…hehe.

  2. yay dodo!! so happy you got in the class you wanted (finally!) hehe… and yes yes, life ‘can’ be good… hehe =) hope you like the class! and that the hardware teacher doesn’t switch with the computer language teacher… hahaha

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