today really wasn’t a good day. i had the worest luck about adding a class i really NEED to add. but i’m still trying to keep up my spirit. let’s not talk about that.

i put up the pictures of my gifts in my 20th birthday. and i also finished putting up the beautiful themes by lise. they are just so serene and gorgeous. i love them all. my favorite is the daisies one. what’s yours?

2 thoughts on “:(

  1. ack. every1 has their bad days. it’s been hard for me too, my mom’s moving out this weekend! i’ve never lived with 1 parent b4. and my mom is my bestest friend in the whole world and i don’t even get along w/ my dad. but it’s all ok, my mom will be happier. yes, like daynah said, tomorrow will be better! oh yea and i luv those gifts and themes. 😀

    xoxo, dana

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