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lab monitor

lab monitor job is a such a babysitting job. fortunately i am paid well. i got an email from the interview i went last Friday telling me they are willing to offer me the web assistant job but guess what? they only want to pay me $7.50/hour. THAT’S CRAZY for a job like that. I get $7.75/hour for just babysitting people and sitting around. I can’t believe they were expecting someone with experience to do such a job with that little money. it will probably be good experience for me to take that job but it’s way too shabby! oh well, i suppose it’s over now.

yesterday my dad dropped off some mails for me. i finally got sarah’s card for christmas which was postmarked on Dec. 15th. I have no idea why it took SOOOOO long to get to me. maybe my mom was holding on to it? confused 😦 anyway, thank you sarah! your message is so sweet. daynah, i still haven’t received the stuff you sent for my birthday ><

secret valentines is coming up on my board. 61 people so far signed up. not as many as for secret santa, i hope we will get less “not giving gifts” incidents too. i will send out the emails tonite. have fun =)

2 thoughts on “lab monitor

  1. Oh good, you finally got it! I was wondering about that. Around my area, you can get paid $10+/hour to babysit children, especially if it’s in a rich area, like Potomac.

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