school n work


most news about me are about my works. i finally finished my client’s site. yes i did the shopping cart script. i’m proud. I hope it works. but she has to try to order something with her credit card to really tell.
i also worked on the board for a bit tonite. i know i should probably do my homework instead >< grr.. but here’s what i’ve got. oh yeah, i don’t have a secret valentines, but veronica mad eme a blinkie anyway, how sweet of her, it’s very cute too

how’s everyone else’s secret valentines so far?
oh yeah, chinese new year is here.. daynah sent me a gift
i don’t have time to make gifts for others now >< tomorrow i will be stuck with my homework.. grr.. i will try to do a better job greeting others. i feel bad!

4 thoughts on “work

  1. that’s a very cute blinky dodo 🙂

    and poor you… so busy eh? there there dodo… hopfull all the homework, and work will die down a bit so you can breathe… hehehe

    and great work on your client’s site! hehe you’re done!! whoohoo!

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