friends in china

the more i post at the classmates “guestbook”, the more i feel close to them once again. i didn’t think they’d reply this fast. now i can type chinese pretty well with the chinese software on school computer, i’m so happy. it brought back so much memories. now i can’t wait to go back this summer! i was also invited to a chinese egroup by the moderator at the classmates place. i am eager to post there too.

the server died on me last nite when i was putting up new themes for the board. i got three of them done. but leah didn’t like hers, she asked me to delete it. but don’t worry, she’s got another one ready to go. i will put that up tonite and then annouce it to all members =) if you are sneaky, you can take a look right now.

i added two more funny pictures:
and computer geek.

8 thoughts on “friends in china

  1. thanks dodo, for uploading my theme! =) hehe, and awwww…. hahaha! that’s suh a CUTE PICTURE!! =D where do you find these things?! hahaa, so cute!!

  2. aw? you are? i don’t know.. just said that picture of the dogs, and the cat, were cute… hehe

    and thanks for uploading my theme @ dmb
    sowwie i confused you =(

  3. *laughs* Ecila = alice…. yup.. hehe.. she’s a sweetheart sis! I love ecila.. or alice.. hehe
    Happy Valentine’s Day sis!!
    Go get your mail… you should be receiving something. 🙂

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