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job fair

I went to the job fair at UI today. I modified my resume last night and asked andy to buy the special paper (cheapest cost like $8 per 100 sheets) to print my resume on. I printed out five copies and wishing to have a good time at the career fair. When I went there, there were only two kinds of companies, one for sale men and the other is something I never would have thought of. They were camps! CAMPS, why is that? I still don’t understand, who cares about camps? Grr, I was so disappointed. Out of the 100 companies, they weren’t a single one that was looking for computer programmer or web designer. So much for summer intern. I will go back to China anyway.
I came home and slept for two hours. I did the master chemistry homework and guess what? I passed my first time thru. WOOHOO. I had to do 4 times last time. I’m so happy it’s over with now.
I still have a 3-5 page book report due next Wednesday and programming assignment due Thursday. So have to work hard but I will have time to put up all the new themes I’ve got for the board =)

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