green for spring

so here i am, suppose to do my homework but was carried away by spring. i was inspired by infinite pi’s new layout. couldn’t resist to come up one on my own. spring is coming. wow it is! i can’t believe it’s coming already. i hope it stays.

i sometimes feel depressed coz all the unnecessary work i have to do for school. tomorrow i will lock myself up working on the book report for my modern china class. i didn’t even finish the book yet. *sniffle* i will be doomed >< i don't understand why it's there.. grr!

ok now i am whining like a three year old.

9 thoughts on “green for spring

  1. yeah i know, i should probably use a better color for the font but i don’t want mess up the entire look =P as long as you can read.
    overload myself? well, unfortunately i have to 😦

  2. *sings* have i told you lately that i love you =D
    yay, my favourite colour! wooo, this is so pretty…all your layouts are!
    ugh, i love school, but not the work that comes along w/ it! grrrr…hope you find some time away from it all.

  3. I love the new layout Dodo, its strange I put up a two green layouts this week and you put one up too ^^

    I’m so glad your talking to your friends online =)

  4. Oh wooow, it’s so green & springy (does that make sense?!jk)- love it…but then again green always does it for me ^_^

    PS. Thanks so much for mentioning me too *honoured*

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