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double major

i’m contemplating about the idea of double majoring in math. this way i will spend 5 years here and meanwhile waiting for andy. from what my friend paul said, there are only two more required courses that i will have to take in order to have a major in math. i can basically fill the rest electives with the computer science courses i took. that’s not too bad for another degree. i might just well declare that today since there will be no obligation whatsoever.
i got a reply from dana today, i’m pretty sad. i suppose there’s a lot going on in her life right now and she’s changing faster than she can handle. she’s talking about moving away from the board and my sites. i totally understand that but i just feel kinda sad. i suppose i do care a lot about people on my board. i never took their admiration for me for granted. i hope she will be doing better in her search for herself. i’m wishing you the best, dana!

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