this is a very talented oekaki by mimi. she’s getting better and better. dmb‘s really got some great artists. i will go to my chemistry TA’s office hour in a second. chemistry is getting worse now. it just involves too much stuff now =P

i found out this morning that one of my classmates from elementary school is actually in Europe now. he emailed me earlier. i can’t believe how much things changed in china. arr all my friends. there were 41 students in my class and i momerized their names according to their student number. i tried to list all the names last nite. i could remember 40 of them. i’m so proud. it’s wonderful to remember everyone’s face. man only if i will be able to see them again. there’s current a picture of them from the last reunion at the message board, i can only briefly figure out couple of them. and there are also pictures of us in elementary school. this (first grade) and this (fifth grade). can you find me in there? =)

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