new layout & theft

plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug plug
i worked hard on the new layout. i scanned the stationaries daynah sent me for my birthday and created the new layout this afternoon. it took me about 4 hours to make, write html, and implement. i also did some small updates for dnw. tomorrow, i will scan more of daynah’s stationaries so i can add them to my scan section under graphics.

a member at my board told me about this girl using my graphics. This really pretty pathetic. She couldn’t even get the “new millennium” off it. Just saved and used without permission. I don’t think it even looks good. Some people are unbelievable in this world.

7 thoughts on “new layout & theft

  1. awww the new layout for dnw is so CUTE!!

    and ughh… hahaha… that girl man… that’s just funny… that poor girl… doesn’t know much of the world… i pitty her.. and with no colour sence… *sigh*… like catherine said… so pathetic…

    isn’t even worth a good flame =(

  2. You know I just adore the new layout at Dodo’s New World ^_^! It’s beautifully cute as always!

    That girl sounds like a real stuck up bitch *cough* Extremely pathetic.

  3. arrr…i went to that girl’s blog and read her posts. i can’t believe anyone would act that way. it just got me so irritated when she got all righteous and acted like she was the one wronged. well…i put up a post in my blog to spread the knowledge. heh. anywayz, the new dnw layout is so adorable. i love it!

  4. dnw looks so cute! i luv that layout! ur so creative. ugh i hate ppl like that. lol, she couldn’t tak the words off it too! how pathetic.. i hate low lives. there’s 2 many..

  5. don’t you think that you are being a little bit harsh on the poor girl? haven’t you ever heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? 🙂

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