everywhere you go

everywhere you go you have to consider more because people don’t read online!
reply to my rejection for my oekaki registration:
you can at least give an reason. i don’t really want to join your elite community anyway.
my reply back:
i’m not obligated to provide a reason because the reason is written on and i really don’t mind if you don’t want to join.

so i hacked the code for oekaki. on the rejection email, i now added this line:
If there is no specific reason provided, it’s most likely that you are not a member of dodo’s message board or a member with less than 50 posts. Dodo’s oekaki is only open for members with more than 50 posts on dodo’s message board. sorry for the inconvenience. You may (not obligated) register at dodo’s message board at if you want.

4 thoughts on “everywhere you go

  1. heh i decided to make my 1st oekaki pic i’ve made for ur oekaki page 2nite.. heh, hope u like it! heh. wow, havn’t oekaki’d in a while. i’m a lil’ rusty but o wellz!

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