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yumm sunday

i spent most of the day working on my essay for my int. lit class. i finally got it DONE! i will add it to my writings when i talked the teacher next tuesday.

andy took me out for dinner. we went to hy-vee buffet. people were giving us 300 lbs of old food to clean out their pans so they could replace them with fresh ones. I ended with a plate full of Chinese food and andy got a mountain what he called the “grease loaf” (meat loaf). i couldn’t believe i finished most of my stuff while andy dumped half of “grease loaf” into the trash. while sitting there, i did something very crazy. andy finished the water in his cup and i was drinking my ravioli soup. all the sudden i just had an urge to drop some ravioli from soup to his cup so i could contaminate it. so quickly i got a scoop of ravioli, before andy could stop it, dropped into his cup. i could only see his stare of overwhelming surprise. he kept staring at me until my laughed so hard that tears came of my eyes. i didn’t know what exactly urged me to do that but it was so funny. andy finally started laughing just as hard.

dear jenn did a beautiful design for regretless T-shirt except it turned out rather small when i put it on the shirt. i dont know what happened. eek. i hope she can make it beigger. do you think it looks small? sarah likes it. i think it’s small. it’s only 4 inches in height.

3 thoughts on “yumm sunday

  1. hehe oOooO more food… you and daynah, always having such great food.. .making me hungry! lol!

    and aw, the t-shirt is nice! hehehe i want one!! lol!

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