school n work

working on softlead

i’ve been working on softlead’s layout. here‘s what i’ve got so far. the little graphic at the upper right corner changes for each of the seven categories. i’m planning to use layering effect to subcategories. i don’t know if they’d like the home button. it’s kind of out of place. i can easily taken it off if they don’t tho. i emailed phi yesterday telling him about the flash part, he hasn’t responded yet. i dont know what’s going on?! maybe he’s on a trip or something? i hope to get his response so i can continue on the project.

i feel so sorry for juju, she drew something very pretty at my my oekaki earlier but the stupid script overwritten it. aww… it did the same to bobbi’s but luckily there was an animation file so i restored it with a screenshot and photoshop.. but juju’s… ;_; i hope she saved it… cry……..

5 thoughts on “working on softlead

  1. dodo, wow i don’t think i have time to do other web projects. You have so much patience.

    it think juju saved her work. It seems daynah have some oekaki problems too. I don’t have cos i installed mine starting with version 3.

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