xml & secret bunny

lauryn was telling me how making webpages xml compliant is useful since more and more can access webpages by “wireless devices, Braille readers and other specialized web environments”. you can read more here. so i tried to make my blog xml compliant, haha, it’s totally impossible. i’m getting so many errors and i don’t even know what half of them mean. You can test yours here. first all, all your tags need to be in lower case. you need to end all tags. for example, for “< *img ", since it doesn't end with " alt=" " /” at the end of the tag. same goes to “< *br ", "<*meta", etc. many syntax are different, it doesn't allow "topmargin=", "leftmargin=", "<*font" and a bunch of others. instead of putting "<*script language="javascrpt", you need to put "<*script type="text/javascript".. and so on and so forth.. i'm still looking for alternative to do many of disallowed stuff. if you know a place where teaches these, please let me know. i basically gave up after trying so many times for this blog. it'll probably be a better idea for me to do it from scratch for the next layout than tediously trying to fix what i already have =P I'm working to get my client's

11 thoughts on “xml & secret bunny

  1. Ugh, that sounds really complicated to make Webpages XML compliant… Yummie gifts 😉 The duck looks really cute, the Blinkie too. 😀 I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break and that everything is ok with you and your Grandpa. *sending good thoughts*

  2. eEeeE… i’m dizzy with tags… they’re flying all over the place… i think i’m gonna faint! @_@…

    but *sigh!* hehe i’ll be okie…
    but u know what dodo?! yahoo is gonna cancel their free pop3 thing!! GRR!! you halfa pay for it! god… xP

  3. hey dodo,

    i started from scratch too. if you read further on the tips, the style guide advises to use limited tables and instead use CSS for positioning. What netscaoe version are you using…defintely 4. series isn’t standard.and about netscape, read and find out why netscape isn’t a standard browser these days.

    blogged validates in css and xhtml. and at least the content can be read in netscape ..just not the style.

  4. well, there are still people use netscape 4.x, like at school some of the labs do.. so i sitll want my page to be compatible and look good in it so if i show someone at school, it won’t be too crappy.

  5. yeah i know a lot of people who use netscape 4. and i always make versions for those who use it. That’s why I am not making my whole domain xhtml compliant ..just the blog and journal cos people read that for content and not the design. But the web is changing so maybe start with a few pages.

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