love n family

spring break is going away ;_;

eek, i know i should get offline and do my school work now or else i will never get anything done.. so not wanting to… ;_;

we went out this morning. andy’s got two coupons for the bowling center here and i wanted to go today. but we found out it didn’t open until 1pm. we were too early. so we went played pingpong and visited some stores to kill time. after we went back and started the game, i found out how bad my luck was today. i sucked big time. 26 was my final score. yeah, laughing your head off. i don’t know what’s wrong with me today.. i’m not usu. THIS BAD! the channels must have a great attraction for my bowl. i keep getting “NICE CHANNEL BOWL” on the screen. *make faces*

then i came home, made my favorite vegtable soup *YUMM* and fixed something for the softlead project. i finally got off my lazy butt and signed up a passport for msn. if you know me, you can ask me for it. so many of my friends in china have msn, i should have gotten it a long time ago.

if you are using mozilla and this layout looked like crap, it’s fixed now. next version i’m going xml-compliant for sure!! right now i just don’t have time any more ><

i guess i have to go and read shakespear…… bye.. ;_;

5 thoughts on “spring break is going away ;_;

  1. Spring break for our campus is next week.. unfortunately… i’m not in school anymore.. *cries* heh

    Sis, you did a wonderful job with the softlead site! I’m very proud of you. 🙂

  2. my summer break will last till mid june but i have summer lessons in between…stuff i don’t learn at school. yay..xml compliancy is the way to go…and web designers like you are prime movers for the web’s future. think about how amazing that is..

  3. the layout looks beautiful, although the text is so hard to read lol. I select it every time 😉

    Well keep up the good work dodo


  4. I don’t see how the text is hard to read…it looks perfectly fine to me. Yay, my spring break starts next Thursday, I really can’t wait. Heh, I have to read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for English…

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