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andy’s dad’s surprise party

yesterday we gave andy’s dad a surprise party for his 50th birthday. so many people attended, it was unbelievable. i guess the plan was mainly made by mike (andy’s dad)’s sisters. some of them traveled all the way from california to attend. we caught him by BIG SURPRISE. hehe… all five of his sisters, couple of his nephew and neices showed up. there were 30 of us in the peking buffet when he arrived. i have never seen such an expression on his face. LOL.. he was like “you guys are really out of your minds”.

after dinner, we went to room they rented at the hotel. there more people form his work place and his old neighbors came to celebrate. the room was full. i think there were total 50 of them.

his sisters, friends, sons, daughters and wife started telling funny stories about him. that was the most fun part. i learned a lot more about him in one nite. of course his love for beer was already presented to me by andy many times. but last nite it was more interesting than ever.

there were so many stories, i could hardly remember them all. here are couple i thought was the funniest. aunt Bev said “what i remember about mike was when we were young, we (his five sisters) always went to him for help of putting things together since our father wasn’t much of a craftsman.” and then she took out this something (i dont know what) but it was broken into pieces and handed it to mike and continued: “so today i brought something so he could put it together for me again.” MUAHHHA..

then his wife told us a story. “one nite mike came home and was slightly drank. he went to take a shower and i heard this big noise. i was afraid he fell down so i went to the bathroom and checked on him. when i entered the bathroom, mike was standing on his feet, i asked: ‘i thought you fell down.’ and mike stared at me and replied: ‘well, what made you think i didn’t?'”

one of the stories by mike’s friend dan (read by one of the aunts) was one time mike and dan had agreed to get some “provisions” from the store late a nite. they had agreed to go there in their underwears. and as soon as dan got the beer, mike ran out and took off with his van left dan with a pack of beer in his underwear.

overall, mike is a great guy loved by many. andy made a great speech about what he had learn from him as a honorable man. i’m very touched. coz when andy was interviewed by this newspaper journalist for his excellent performance at work (about a year ago), the first thing he mentioned that influenced him to do outstanding work was his dad. and he said the same thing again last nite.

so we had a lot of fun. i took pictures of his close family and friends. the funniest part is how much mike as a young boy looked like andy when he was young like in this picture

more pictures here.

7 thoughts on “andy’s dad’s surprise party

  1. hehe I like the pic where it sais ” guess who is turning” 50 *lol* 😀 Sounds like you had an amazing time Dodo! Andy´s father sounds like one in a million, he´s very lucky. 😉

  2. oh wow! hahaha so many stories! haahha it’s just scary of what people would tell… when i hit 50… which is still in a long time… lol!

    but that was sweet… a surprise party… hehe =) hehe truely loved…
    me wish him, all that best in life, and health

  3. Seems like you had a wonderful weekend celebrating with Andy’s Dad. I’m sure you had a wonderful weekend and hope you get many more memories with the ppl you love around. =) Birthday are a good treat to make your days get going…wish every day is my birthday wink wink =)

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