have you ever had a dream that’s so weird that you feel you are SAVED when the alarm goes off? well, i had one last nite.

i obviously just started my classes in a new sememster. to fill up my credits to maintain a full time student, i took some kind of gym class as suggested by someone. i never read the description of the course. what the course was about was a hearsay. the first day i went to the class, the room was full. it had those stools where you shared with another person (like the classroom in my middle school in china). and the person on the stool i was assigned to was my ex-bf DAVID (the one i really disliked). i was like eek.. the gym teacher showed up and and i recognized him as “supposedly” someone i briefly went out with earlier (i never went out with any gym teacher). and when the class began, he directed us to do some upper body exercise but the first thing (almost like a rountine) was that everyone had to take off their clothes. i mean to be naked (at least the upper body) in my dream. i was like WTF? but no one else seemed to care or felt it was weird. they all took off their cloths (i mean like both girls and boys) and obviously david was eager to help. out of confusion and some kind of unknown pressure, i took off mine. then we started this exercise and i just couldn’t stand it any more and put back on my clothes and walked out the room. later i was talking to my colleague about dropping that class and taking another one. and the gym teacher came and asked why i didn’t show up in the class afterwards. i told him i will drop it. and he walked away. finally i saw andy and started to tell him what was going on in that class. i remember i was just saying “yeah it’s like total nudity” seeing andy’s astonishing expression and then the alarm went off.

thank goodness it wasn’t real!! i don’t think i could live thru that!

6 thoughts on “WEIRD DREAM

  1. what a really weird dream! glad it wasnt 4 real!! or andy would have been furious! hope u get some better dreams than that!

  2. oh my!… what a queer dreams @_@ hahaha i hate those dreams where they just mix everything up…. ai! but good thing for you the alarm went off eh? ha =D

  3. That is an odd dream! The weirdest dream I had was about being forced to marry a midget in the middle of Australia. The scariest dream I ever had was about becoming paralyzed. Thanks for the card!!

  4. I’ve experience with those dreams, when I get up in the morning I feel so relieved because it’s only dream. It’s funny how it looks to real… like it really happened.

    NB: I just had one last night, but it wasn’t that bad.

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