christ, i was about to kill someone. this setcookie function in php is so screwed up. i spent most of my day trying to figure out how to get it to work correctly. thanks to ranmaguy and michel‘s tips. i still don’t understand why i HAVE TO use a redirection in order for it to work. if i put the exact same code in the files, it just won’t work. ISN’T THAT WEIRD?

there are still only two themes right now. but this time when you change, it’s gonna STAY ON YOUR COMPUTER. means if you close your current browser and open a new one, then type in you should see the last theme you chose instead of the default theme. if not, hahaha, i’m calling 911.

now it’s matter of converting the ENTIRE site. will probably take me quite a while. after that, i will add more themes 😉 enjoy!

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