easter morning

i got another gift today from boyeon on my board. i dont think i know her very well. it’s very sweet of her to think of me. veronica has given me so many easter pixels for people who didn’t receive anything from the secret easter bunny. i hope no one will qualify this time. i can’t believe i totally messed up the credits for the past two new themes for the board. they were all done by Raspberryrain00 whose real name is hannah. i always thought it was by hannie. gosh.. i feel so stupid.

daynah sent me this ice age egg coloring place. it’s so cute. oh yeah, jenn gave me another submission for the dmb shirt. it’s right here. i will have to edit it a little for the words and stuff. ISN’T CUTE?

we are going to andy’s mom’s place to color easter eggs today. i’ve never done that. it will be my first. i’m gonna bring my camera for sure!

10 thoughts on “easter morning

  1. Hi Dodo, I hope you are having a happy Easter! I wanted to appoligze that I didn´t get your Easter gift done, you´ll get another gift, promise. I didn´t forget you. 😉 The new girl from Jenn is AMAZING! So pretty, and Daynah you are so fast with commenting. 😀 *sends a hug too*

  2. hehe… oh my!! jenn’s design is so cute!! hehe a very regretless person! haha…

    and happy easter monday here dodo!! 🙂

    haha btw, psst! i’m kinda suck in your pink layout.. *sniff*

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