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oops, i end up dying x_X

poor daynah, her lullaby didn’t work ;_;.. my stomach got really sick after i lay down around four. i didn’t fall asleep. andy made me take some bismuth.. it battled my stomach for another couple of hours and i got up without any sleep. i felt dead. literally.

there was absolutely no energy left in me. i walked with every part of my body in pain. i felt i was floating. my eyes were of course swollen. i told andy i don’t think i can make it to school today and i really think i should stop taking that metabolism booster. i have a feeling that that has some weird effects for my body.

andy fed me some valerian root so i can ACTUALLY fall asleep. and i did for couple of hours. i ate some sloppy rice and pickled radish.

i’m slowly gaining my strength back. the entire day i was sleeping, waking up with a melon head. i need to do some homework now.. guess i’m not exercising today LOL

10 thoughts on “oops, i end up dying x_X

  1. {{Dodo}} That doesn´t sood good at all, get better soon! Good thing you have Andy by your site taking care of you. I wish you a much better night today! *HuG*

  2. awww! poor you dodo *pat pat* i hope you’ll feel better tomorrow =( and yea… maybe you should stop it with all the extra stuff you’re taking. Or maybe your body just isn’t used to it all again, that plus the extra excerse? maybe? hm? but there there, rest, and take it easy! hope you feel better for school tomorrow 🙂

  3. Hi sorry to bother you but I was just surfing around, and I came across your page. All i can say is WOW! This is a really great page, not that you don’t know that anyway!
    Well I just thought I would say hi!
    Oh by the way what is that font called that your entries are written in?

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