i’m well!!!

smooches! thank you for all the wonderful comments. i feel completely recovered today 😉 I got up early again at 5am.. but it’s a different story. coz i feel energized. i took a shower and got on the internet for a little while. then cooked breakfast for andy and me. i’m going to my dad’s office to get my credit card bill and also i want his new webcam. he bought a cheap webcam, i wanna check it out. if it’s any better than my current one, i might as well use it muahhha… i want to make lots of fan sign for some reason.

oh yeah i also have a wonderful dinner plan for us, too ^___^ i’m cooking.

omg felisha has a new layout! yumm…

PHP page redirection vs. meta tag redirection.


replace “; with the page you want it to redirect to and save it as something.php

Advantage: No delay. Always redirect, no worries.

most people use meta tag right now

Advantage: can have delay. so if you wish people to change bookmarks or blah.. you might want to stick with meta tag 😉

11 thoughts on “i’m well!!!

  1. sounds fun have a great time at dinner, and yes I can’t wait till you try out the webcam…I just recently lend my aunt borrow mine so right now i’m just using a digitial one to update my webcam pic

  2. Dinner for 2! Cool Dodo! Have an amazing time tonight. And yay you are doing better! 😀 The php trick is cool, I am going to try that right now. 😀 Thank you!

  3. i’m so loving how you have the different themes. that is just way cool.heh. anyways, i hope your doing great 🙂

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