it’s 3:30am here and i’m UP.. altho yawning like crazy. why can’t i sleep? maybe coz the nap i took this afternoon, maybe coz the metabolism booster i took, maybe coz i can’t get used to the spring ahead thingie, maybe it’s coz daynah’s writing me a lullaby and making me excited…

a lullaby? yup yup!! daynah’s writing me a lullaby, believe it or not. and I RESERVE THE FULL LICENSE FOR IT. i’m the first one to have daynah’s personally written and sung lullaby. yes yes!! i know i’m making all you daynah lovers jealous. muahhahahaha *EVIL GRIN*

and here’s the lyric:
Rock-a-bye, dodo
my sister-pooh
andy is sleeping
and I think you should too!

Just close your eyes
and quickly you’ll sleep
Rock-a-bye, dodo
else i’ll tickle your feet!

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