school n work

a nice day ;)

today’s a nice day. i recieved checks from two of my clients. the softlead soft company and board installation money. i already finished things up for christine and i will pack things up for phi tonite. my client from echirps is asking me to help her with another project which i will probably start sometime soon. but i have a paper due next week which i will devote my time to this sunday sigh… finals are coming. i also need to take a better look at the classes i will register for next semester. 28th is coming up soon.

i’m obsessed with Baby Davis blog. ronni‘s child. how sweet. =) just makes me feel warm.

more artists at my oekaki start to draw for the upcoming ecard shop for dmb. they are so cute. i’m so touched. i will have to make it my next biggest project for dmb =) i will make a nice script which everyone loves. i already have great ideas and plans. *ahem* for the time

half more hour to get out of work YESSSS!

5 thoughts on “a nice day ;)

  1. hehe wow, that’s nice dodo πŸ™‚ hehe you’re certainly keeping busy aren’t you? hehe i hope that new project goes well, as well as the thing for dmb =)

  2. Yea, I saw the babylog too! It’s such a creative idea. I wish my parents made something like that when I was still an embryo =P

    Btw, can’t wait till the e-card thing is finished! You’re so full of ideas, Dodo! Smmmmaaarrrt!

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