Good Cooking

There is a new oriental restaraunt open in IC so Dodo and I went there to eat. It is one of those steakhouses where the chef cooks on the table in front of you and does a little show. Well this restaruant advertised it as “The Best Show.” To put it lightly, I have eaten at the Ohana Steakhouse in Des Moines where this awesome guy called Sai owns it and is also the head chef. My brother and I and our friend request Sai for a reason. He will laugh and talk with you, juggle knives and throw a dummy knife at one of the patrons he also does an amazing flipping of eggs where he cracks it puts the egg on the fryer and lands the shell in his hat!! Ok anyway, we are at the Tokyo Ichiban (the new one in IC) and our chef is a malaysian named . . . Billy?? Well Billy was a nice guy and everything, but to put it bluntly, his show was desperately lacking in showmanship. He did this cheesy little flipping spatula routine and every time he caught the spatula he would say “HOY” The flipping ended very dramatically and he bowed, said thank you, and disappeared for about 10 minutes before he came back and cooked our food. What’s up with that?? The nice part was that he cooked some excellent Salmon and Shrimp/Beef/Pork fried rice for us to eat, and was altogether a kind host. But when it comes to the art of cooking Teppan style, Sai has that rookie beat by a lightyear.

4 thoughts on “Good Cooking

  1. lol, wow! hehe that guy with the knives sounds cool! but hey.. too bad for that other guy… haha maybe she had ‘problems’ he needed to be taken care of for 10mins 😉 if you get what i mean. But oh well.. they can’t ALL have good shows =)

  2. ahh I know what ya mean! My dad took the family to Benihana, and the guy did this show and all. He knew what he was doing, specially with the flipping the shrimp and all

  3. hibachi is the best, great food + great theatrics ^.^ i love to go, but infortunatly, there aren’t very many (good) hibachi grills around here ;.; oh well

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