love n family


tomorrow will be a very important day for both of us. andy’s going to a conference at cedar rapids to determine whether he’s eligible for the ASE certificant training next semester. i really hope he gets it. it seems like kirkwood(his college) has one the best toyoto mechanical school. tomorrow i will be studying for my chemistry and attend the review section at nite to prepare to ace the fourth test. btw, i do have an A in class right now. however there will be that exam then a final still waiting for me ;_;

at 1pm, we will have the meeting/interview with the apartment place so they can see if we are eligible for the cheap apartment. we are looking forward to get like a two bedroom for around $100/month or even cheaper. pray for the good luck!

my schedule for next semester is final now after a bit of changing around since some of the courses i want to take overlap each other. I’m taking Calculus III, Elementary Numerical Analysis, Algorithm and Introduction to International Relations (my most “don’t want to take” course to fulfill my social science requirements for GE )

BTW, andy forgot to mention something yesterday. the billy chef gave andy a new nickname. hehehe.. he was praising andy’s looks (which he gets a lot now from ppl ) and said he (andy) has a baby face. LOL.. that’s so appropriate. andy’s my baby face now

jenn has a beautiful new layout up!

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