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ignore what the time stamp says, this is the time on my computer. i woke up.. why? i woke up thinking about this debate, how weird.. i never felt so strong about a debate before. did i even wake up because i cared about that debate so much or because i was stressed out these days.

chemistry review section was fine. i just need to do more practice exam problems. i plan to finish the other one on my own so i can talk to my professor again if i’m stuck. my literature teacher extended the due days from May 9th to May 17th. certainly a relief.. i’m not worried about modern china final or computer organization final.. the two papers for literature will suck and so is the chemistry final. when can i ever finished with all these?! i can’t wait!!!!

andy’s conference went well. tho he’s on the bottom of the waiting list to get into the fall section. poor baby. he’s highly eligible but he didn’t know they were taking interviews since Jan.. so most people have gone before him. if he doesn’t get in this time, he will have to wait for another year! but then that’s all good too. he can save more money. the tools he will need to buy for the ASE training will be $4000. that’s very crazy!

11 thoughts on “3:37am

  1. yeah that was a heated debate at my forums too…around 10 pages long but it’s good to hear all varying opinions. It’s interesting to note how people think alike or differently.

  2. That was a heated topic everywhere. o.O But you really shouldn’t stress over it sis. πŸ™‚ Everyone has their opinions… no one can really say who’s right and who’s wrong.

    Anyhow… I hope you’re sleeping… hehe.. else you’re gonna get another lullabye. πŸ˜‰

  3. Yeah, but the $4000 investment will be worth it after he finishes school and stuff. Then he can buy you diamonds and computers.

  4. wow that’s pretty materialism sarah.. hehe. PCs are cheap these days.. about diamonds, i never thought much of it =P

  5. *tut tut Dodo* on the comp at that time of the morning ^_^jk That debate seems interesting but like Daynah said, everyone has their own opinion- try not to stress over it πŸ™‚
    (& get some sleep!)

  6. yes yes, debates can get very hot πŸ˜‰ esp if you really have the feel for it, to say what you want to say πŸ™‚ hehe… and aw, too bad about andy, but hopfully he could get bumped closed to the top =)

  7. *hug* Dodo, ditto to what everyone already said… nothing left to comment for me (note to myself: must be quicker in replying* πŸ™‚ Have a great evening Dodo!

  8. Gack, I honestly hate debating becuz it gets so crazy. I try to stay out of one as much as I can. ^^; If I do get involved, my participation is very small.

    Gack, everyone is going through finals! Mine aren’t til June. @_@

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