celine dion

yup this is the new theme for pure essence. i worked hard on this vector art. it’s first one i thought that looked ok. i tried couple times before, never suceeded.. this one is my best so far. i hope you like it.

i also added “my truth” section under mistress =) it’s somewhat a short biography of my life, comments are welcome!

17 thoughts on “celine dion

  1. awww heheh how nice dodo! hehehe i like the black and white 🙂

    and b0o, not first again… o_O this is getting too much of a bad habit.. teehee

  2. hehe looks lovely! Blah, I never released any of my vector layouts either haha either they’re not done, or they’re done bad.

    But great job on yours, dodo! ^^

  3. It looks so amazing Dodo! Wow, so cool. 😀 I like how her dress goes over in the table, and the “lines” at the top, so cool!

  4. By the way, I am in contact *gasps* *lol* with Cyberpixels about that weird popup windows, I´ll let you know if they find out what it is. 😉

  5. I used to love Celine Dion. Its funny that you made a Celine Dion theme because last night I counted how many times she says ‘love’ on her greatest hits album (yes, I was very bored). The number came out to be 118 times!!

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