dad’s hospital trip

i hate american hospitals. they always make you WAIT forever! if doctors in overpopulated china take this long, the patients will probably die waiting! i swear we waited for two and half hours just for a job that could be done in 10 minutes today. they did come and did it at the end. it took 5 minutes.

my father broke his leg last week. he finally was convinced by his boss to see a doctor. the appointment was today 10:45, they looked and took x-ray, found a half inch fracture on his lower leg bone under the knee cap. we thought they were gonna put a cast for him, they only ended up putting a brace.

we didn’t get home until 3pm!!

tired tired tired.. hospitals are NOT FUN!

9 thoughts on “dad’s hospital trip

  1. ugh, I know what you mean… earlier this year when my dad was incredibly sick (he could have died, if my sister hadn’t taken him to the hospital when she did), he had to wait for at least a half hour, while he was wheezing and coughing and pale and… it was awful. I hate hospitals.

  2. Except when you’re visiting someone who just had a baby, and even then, I don’t like the oversterilized smell. Hope your dad gets better!

    Oh, I beat ecila again! hehe

  3. sarah> stop rubbing it in 😦 i’m a sick little girl!!

    hehe, but awww, i hope your dad’s leg will get better soon!! and yea…aren’t ALL hospitals like that? grr

  4. I guess I am the only one who likes hospitals then? I don’t know why, but the hospital has never been a bad experience for me! Though, they do make you wait a long time….

    I hope your Dad gets better Dodo!

  5. Wish him the best. ^^
    I remember breaking my wrist and waiting in the hospital forever tooo! But my hospital was very nice 😉

  6. I hope he gets okay. I hate hospitals too. On the morning of my dad’s visitation (or wake) my mom slammed her finger in a door and had to get stiches at the emergency room. Sitting in that waiting room is awful. I remember when I broke my collar bone and I had to wait about 4 hours. It is ridiculous, but they were probably taking care of people who needed help immediately. ^^

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