which Episode II character are you?

Yoda. Jedi Master. Your word is pretty much gospel, as far as others are concerned. You stick to your roots and have a good head on your shoulders. You can always provide a good response to those in need of answers, or those who just want to talk. You may not look tough, but inside you’ve got more power than the majoirty of people.

hehehe.. it’s very easy to get him tho.. just go small and green.. yummm… yoda is mine mine mine muahahhahaha

11 thoughts on “YESSS!! YODA IS MINE!

  1. heh heh I was anakin 😉 The “hot guy”. XDD

    *teehee* I thought this answer was so funny: What is your prefered weapon?

    hey, i may be small but i could kill you just by looking at you.


  2. Yoda is so brilliant! My favourite quotes are from Yoda, embarrasing thing is, I can´t remember them right now. *oops*:-D Have a great weekend Dodo! 😀

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