period always gives you crap. i don’t feel like doing anything today ;_; maybe i really need a break sigh… we went to godfathers for pizza today with andy’s brother and his gf. i was so full. i still feel my stomach stuffed ;_; it’s not a happy feeling. i might walk all the way to kfc later when it closes to see andy. when i am melancholy, i feel rather attached to him 😦 i just want to be in his arms 24/7 such a baby. when i think i will be away from him for a WHOLE MONTH soon.. i just want to cry ;_;

the popup killer is the most ingenuin software ever. if you use pure essence webmail, i’d recommend you install that first =) it’s just awesome! i downloaded some songs from celine’s new album “A New Day Has Come”. most of them are pretty good. “Amazing Grace” sounds like a chinese song i know? did they rip it off? i guess it’s fair since those taiwan pop singers ripped off so many english songs.

12 thoughts on “period

  1. I keep meaning to try out the popup killer, but always forget to download it. I’m gonna do that now! πŸ™‚

    abt my Stevie layout (your comment in my blog, heh)- I have no idea why it does that… maybe I should take off the “upgrade your browser!” thing or something, so it doesn’t look so bad. or is there a way to make IE load the CSS faster so that doesn’t happen? Mozilla and Opera don’t have that problem :

  2. I found this slow version of “A New Day.” It’s so good too. πŸ™‚ Very slow.. and soft… hehe.. I’m surprised I beat Ecila here! πŸ™‚

  3. lol! @ daynah =P

    hehe but aww…. yea… i hate that time of the month o_O… there there…. just ONE month!… could be more… hehehe….

    and lol! hmmm? maybe i should get that pop-up killer too… muahahah!

  4. I stopped using Popup Killer because it really didn’t block pop-ups for me. Jeff sent me a file that doesn’t block ads, but it blocks sending to the servers so you don’t see the ads, and I turned off pop-up ads in Mozilla so I’m pretty happy about it.

  5. ugh.. the ‘red elmo’ as i call it. blah. i have it too. -.-;

    hrmm.. how do you turn off ads in mozilla sarah? πŸ™‚

    btw dodo the new theme looks so great! πŸ˜€ goood job!

  6. Hey Cryssi…

    Go to Edit, Preferences, then Advanced, Scripts & Windows, and turn off “Open unrequested windows.” So at least you get rid of those javascript pop-ups.

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