andy’s wonderful fishing trip

Yumm.. we went fishing. it was andy’s impluse. he heard k-mart’s fishing equipments were on sale, so he bought all the stuff last nite and was determined to go today. it seems the luck was not on his way but he never gave up. after three hours of getting our hooks caught in the rocks and losing them along with sinkers, he decided to try his luck at a beach. Is there anyone who fishes on the beach? my first time witness such a weird scene altho not my first time witness his stubbornness. people’s boats were flying by us, boy, did we catch a big finish LOL! he finally gave up after another hour wasted. at least we took some good pictures and it was a FINE day!

andy’s busy cooking now. he got some great recipes off internet while i was taking a nap. cooking craze is like a steak, beef stew, and one pound salmon. gives us excuse to take a long walk afterwards =)

btw, if you haven’t noticed, there’s a new “nite” theme for this site!

9 thoughts on “andy’s wonderful fishing trip

  1. aww, you look soo cuute in those pics! nice theme – havent seen a beautiful layout with a black bg in a while!

  2. The new theme looks great! I absolutely love it! It is the best one yet!!! I’m glad you had so much fun on your little fishing trip. Looks like it was beautiful out.

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