random 1: on a personal blog, do you prefer to read longer entries less frequent posts or shorter entries with more frequent posts?

random 2: i visited nerdy (alex)’s blog today. i thought it’s rather cool to see someone who writes well in english to open a chinese site. i’m looking forward to see it. i’ve given up typing chinese a long time ago 😦

random 3: did you know grace‘s back? she closed blue water tho 😦

random 4: andy’s bro posted this wonderful yoda picture on my ** and it’s so cool. GO YODA GO YODA!!

random 5: talking about kicking ass, we met the worest punks i’ve never seen in my life last nite. but i will leave that to andy to elaborate for you.

10 thoughts on “random

  1. hmmm? a mix is nice =) when someone writes a lot, it’s like saying they have stuff to say, and something happened, etc…. but reading short stuff, get’s interesting updates. Heheh not all the time, but eh… it’s hear and there =)

    and aww? punks eh? hehe well… not ALL punks are bad… haha =D what’d they do to you guys? hahah

  2. random 1: I would like to read more about your personal life more. Occassional blog posts are nice, but your personal life is what I’m more interested in.

    Random 3: why did Grace close bluewater??

  3. depends on what’s being said.. if it’s captivating, I will read the long entries… but generally speaking, I like entries that are maybe 2-3 paragraphs or so.. then it’s not too long but not too short either.

  4. I think it´s important to blog regularly, if someone doesn´t blog at least every week, it´s hard to get to know the person better, and it´s not as fun as to visit a person daily. Hmmmm, is there a point to my answer? You decide. 😉

  5. yea.. i think the webmaster should post however long they want according to what they want to say.. if someone posts a long blog entry about basically nothing, then that’s not 2 good.. but if the long blog entry is interesting or w/e, then it’s coolies. man, look at you dodo in that cam pic! u lil’ hoochy mama! =)

    xoxo, dana

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