i think the best way to deal with spam is still changing your email and give it out with care. i’ve changed my email address. i have two new addresses now. one for friends, one for signing up for things on the web. when i’m on vacation, i will only check the friends one. i will not put up valid addresses for any of my sites. people who want to contact me so bad, they will have ways.

i found this wonderful anti-spam software for pop3 users on connie’s blog. it even tells you which mails are potential spams. that’s great =) if you don’t want to change your address and is using pop3, get that. they are developing them for hotmail, aol and yahoo web based mails too. woohoo!!

andy’s my rockstar.. except i don’t really like guitar so he has to wear a head phone =P

talking about andy, he’s so weird sometimes. i was just surfing online today and i smelled something’s burning.. so i went to the kitchen to check.. i saw andy sitting in the living room, i asked, are you cooking anything? he said no. i didn’t believe coz the burning was so strong. i opened the oven, there was a pizza inside. i was like: how long has that been sitting in there? he was like: only five minutes gosh. did he want to surprise me with the pizza? oops LOL

14 thoughts on “anti-spam

  1. I use SPAM ASSASSIN which is pretty neat-o.. it detects + marks any potential spam (which is just about all of them) and redirects it to a spam folder or trash =]

  2. Yeah, never put a valid Email on your page. Big mistake. I have heard about special engines that look for email addies. Thereยดs a huge report on it in a german computer magazin. Anyway. Andy looks cool with his guitar! Is this the one that had to be repaired? Oh burned Pizza. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Andy and you are so adorable together! You guys crack me up. Dodo, could I have a pop3 e-mail @ pure-essence? I keep getting tons of porn sent to me. Thanks!

  4. yay! anti-spam for pop3! I am definately getting this.. I am tired of getting all this nonsense email. and they’re coming out with one for yahoo too? hopefully it will work. cool guitar pic!

  5. lol! haha “andy’s my rockstar.. except i don’t really like guitar so he has to wear a head phone =P”

    goodness… haha that was cold… hahaha…. XD! get used to it dodo ;).. teehee…

  6. yes connie, that’s the guitar that got repaired. hehe.. andy knows i dont like guitar and kat, i might consider remove the webmail for pure essence and make pop3 for hostees.

  7. dodo i use mailwasher too.. (do so for about 3 months) .. i think the idea is great! it has an option called bounce .. if you check it, the spammer gets an fake (but real looking) error mail which tells him ur address no longer exists ๐Ÿ™‚ ..

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