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today’s an *assbeat*

yes, i’m gonna use andy’s word coz andy’s such a great worker today. he got up early to change oil for his mom’s car and then we went to my dad’s garage to get the starter for our car replaced. my dad who’s a very experienced auto mechanic said it will take at least two days to get the starter replaced because it involves removing a lot of stuff out of the engine area of the car. andy who never had any experience replacing starter, under my dad’s guidance, replaced the whole thing in four hours!! woohoo.. even my dad praised him.. i’m so proud of andy!! he then blushed all the nasty stuff inside of the cooling system and replaced the coolant. we finished around 4pm and he had to go to work. he was soaked in sweats but he was happy coz the car’s engine sounded so much better. now we just need to get the car’s time belt replaced and repaint some of the rusty areas around the door. it will complete the car caretaking of the year =)

wednesday, andy will find out whether he got in the auto mechanical training for fall.. pray for him.. but even if he doesn’t get in this time, he will have plenty of chances in the future and he will be a great auto mechanic *smile* squeeze my bear 🙂

on the side note, i got my teeth washed at the dental office today. my wisdom teeth have yet started to grow out. i hope they never will.

5 thoughts on “today’s an *assbeat*

  1. lol! wow! 2days worth of work, done in four hours… haha go andy! haha XD! yay for him! and i hope he get’s into that training =) hehehe, wow, 2days worth or work done in four hrs! haha that sounds inpressive enough for me =D

  2. heheh wisdom teeth =P I dunno, when do you grow those? I remember those awful pains at the back of my mouth back when I was younger, are those it? Or are those something else? XD heh heh

  3. no.. those are not wisdom teeth i dont believe. wisdom teeth will grow out after all your other ones are done.. they are the last four, two on teh top, two in the bottom. sometimes people bleed when they grow out and are very painful. andy’s unlucky enough to experience that. sometimes they don’t grow out or one or two comes out.. it differs from people to people. they come out usually in your late teens or early twenty.

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