our new pictures

yes got our pictures today!! i don’t have a scaner so i had to use my digital camera LOL. click here for a bigger version. the picture you see on the left along with the picture in the middle of the bigger version will be the ones i will send around. so if you want a copy and haven’t given me your address, leave a comment, i will email you if i know you =)

yesterday i had a terrible experience at the wal-mart vision center. so i went there to pick up the photos today and also to report to the vision center supervisor about what had happened. the cashier was just rude beyond belief. something like that really effects your mood. glad andy’s bro them called later to go and play frisbee golf. that was fun =)

i joined the AAdvantage today to get my flying mileage credited in my account. it’s quite a few miles for a round trip to china =) andy’s aunt told me to join for possible discounts on future airfare and other benefits with this “frequent flyer club”. she said if i have enough mileage, i will be able to get a free ticket. *hehe* i thought i could use that for daynah’s wedding. 😉

7 thoughts on “our new pictures

  1. Aww, you two are so cute together! =D!

    AAdvantage is great. I joined it a while back and it works great. Saves me money because I travel so much. =)

    take care.

  2. awww! you and andy look sooo cute together! ^^ Picture clerks are annoying. When I went to get a picture for my passport last year the lady was so lazy and slow.

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