hiatus layout for regretless

i actually like it better than the last one. so plug plug plug plug! it might stay longer than my trip. i’ve feeling lazy lately. didn’t want to do much. i made this layout last nite coz andy was snoring so loud and i couldn’t sleep.

cp has been slow for quite a long time today. it seems like they are moving people. i wonder which server sarah‘s on? that server seems to be much more stable. i’d like to be moved to that server.

any more want our pictures? i will snail mail them to you if you give me your address. just comment and i will email you about it. so far i finished writing letters to daynah, lauryn, bobbi, sarah, vera and lele =)

11 thoughts on “hiatus layout for regretless

  1. oOooO! i’m loving it dodo! looks so professional! hahah XD!

    and have so much fun in china! remember don’t work yourself to hard! don’t want a heat stroke O_o;

  2. Ecila beat me again! Anyhow… hehe sis, the layout is beautiful…. i love how the colors change in each section you go to. πŸ™‚ It has to be one of my favorite layouts by you. πŸ˜‰ Have fun in china okie!? Take pictures… and i can’t wait to get your photo! πŸ™‚ Love ya!

  3. Server 3 + 4 seem to be more stable. I think I am going to move to one of these. I love the regretless Layout! Looks awesome! I really liked the yellow one too though. Have an amazing time in China Dodo. And donΒ΄t let your Mom get to you. I hope that was ok to say. Come back soon! πŸ˜€

  4. I’m on Wind, but I couldn’t get on Wind, since Rebecca told me that server’s full now.’s on Torgo, though, that server load seems to be less higher than Water. Water has some insane server loads!

    The layout for regretless looks nice and sleek.

  5. wow, the Regretless layout looks so professional and polished! you always make great layouts though πŸ™‚ have fun in China! *hugs*

  6. eh, speaking about cp, did you change survers already? everything is seeming to load faster πŸ™‚ or maybe water is finally have a nice day =D

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