dodo on vacation wallpapers

hi everyone! i’m at the lab right now. i just printed out a bunch of pictures from my digital cam section using the color laser printer here so i can take them to china.

For those who will miss me, I’ve made some wallpapers for you =) I’ve taken a bunch of webcam pictures this morning and made them into these wallpapers. Hope you will like them =)

sorry, the wallpapers are gone

this will probably be my last post before i get on the plane tomorrow @ 7:40am. wish me good luck! now i am kinda nervous.. mainly i will start to feel the pain leaving andy πŸ˜₯ i suppose i get to hear his voice on the phone once a while. the trip will probably keep me too busy to think. i will visit my old classmates, relatives, even friends i met in US. i will probably shop a lot =)

ok start the countdown …

20 thoughts on “dodo on vacation wallpapers

  1. Have a great time in China Dodo, I may see you there! ^_^ Keep us posted on what you’re up to.

    Aaah! Such cute wallpapers btw

  2. Omigod~! We’ll miss you so much!!! ; . ;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pwahaha, I love the wallpapers, now we can stalk you even when you’re gone!!!

    I really hope you have fun!!! We’ll miss you like crazy!

  3. Aww Dodo! I’ll miss you a lot too! 😦 And I’m using the second wallpaper too! Have a safe and fun trip Dodo! πŸ™‚

  4. Dodo –
    I guess u could say i’m a big fan of yours ever since i saw dodo’s version neonheart! Although I haven’t introduced myself to you very well…I’m a frequent viewer of yours! I admire all your work, your an awesome person..u will be missed *have an amazing trip*

    ::oh perhaps i should have just wrote on your message board :: *quirky smile*

  5. don’t worry about DMB. we’ll take care of it. Just have fun . wow i really miss travelling . *huggles* have a safe trip!!

  6. Dodo! IΒ΄ll miss you lots. Have lots of fun! Make lots of piccies and weΒ΄ll “talk” again wen you get back. πŸ˜€ *hugs* Most important: have a safe trip and come back healthy and in one piece. πŸ˜€

  7. HI I was just wondering if you got ot-to’s permission first to edit these wallpapers. On the ot to website, the info under the wallpaper states These Desktops are permitted for personal use only, not for resale OR redistribution without permission from ot-to copyright 2001. Anyway I just thought you should know, I wouldnt want you to get in any kind of trouble, I really love your domains. Im a big fan πŸ™‚

  8. Hallo DoDo! I kno im posting a lil late cuz you left a few weeks ago! XP but i thot i’d juss say HI! well…you dont exactly kno me. i go to yer mb daily and i would juss like to say its real cooL! keep up the good work and i’ll see you back in about a week cuz its 7/30 hee hee…hope you had fun on yer trip. a trip to china sounds like a whole bunch of fun. mayb i’ll go there but after i go to japan and the phillipines of course!!! but china is definately on my list! ^^

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