YAY, I upgraded to b2 0.6 pre 3! i love the smilies hack. you will see smilies in your comments too now. how cute..

i didn’t know daynah made a layout dedicated to me. thanks sis.. you are always so sweet.

i mailed the letters for daynah, sarah, lauryn, bobbi, vera and lele this morning.. kat, i got your address, i forgot about it so i’m gonna mail yours tomorrow =) can you believe the postage increased from 34c to 37c? arrg… i had to buy 3c stamps for my 34c ones.
white sandleshave you seen the new hkfruit theme i made for dmb? it’s so cheerful. i love it. daynah said the theme made her happy and so she posted more. WOW, i’d love all the themes to have that effect *hehe*

i’m finished with most of the packing. and guess what? i found a new pair of sandals while digging for purses!! andy bought them for me at florida. i totally forgot about them. haha.. now something sweet to wear on the plane! guess whose stinky feet are those -> =P

5 thoughts on “upgraded!

  1. hunny, I still think mt rules. lol.

    anyways, i never wear sandles. i love sneakers all the way, even if my feet do get all stinky and smelly. πŸ˜›

  2. hehehe b2 rules! and so do smilies πŸ˜‰ way more then mt… hahah XD

    and dodo, me loving that theme on dmb!! so colourful!!

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