shopping in china.. yumm

i bought a bunch of clothes today. clothes here are so much cheaper and prettier. it’s a heaven for me. i’m addicted to mashimaro right now. i bought two mashimaro shirts today. one is 10rmb (10/8 US dollar) and the other is only 5rmb (5/8 US dollar). i bought two other tops and a dress. i bought a mashimaro plush, too. everything together plus lunch and dinner, i only spent 200rmb (25 US dollar). Isn’t it wonderful? this is only a start. there will be a lot more of shopping. YESSSS!! this is so fun!!

btw, where’s andy? he still didn’t check his email. what’s going on? i hope he knows that i have internet access now. he should check the email!

22 thoughts on “shopping in china.. yumm

  1. mashi maro RULES!!! hahaah XD! he’s such a cutie wabbit! haah XD hope you continue to have fun dodo!! but remember, don’t stop till your drop =P

  2. ahhhhh you have a new plushie!!! =) I love those things hehe Al told me your talked to him!! Argh… i missed it cuz I was helping someone. I hope u’re having a fun time… hopefully i’ll catch you later sis!

  3. I just got back from China! Shopping is soooo fun there. The small owned shops are so much better and cheaper than department stores with american brands. eh? Have fun!

  4. i went to china a month ago on a school field trip (im from calif)—and trust me, chinese foods are inedible! they don’t serve noodles and rice often out there. but yep, shopping is a paradise out there–especially hong kong! @__@

  5. I am shanghaiese too! And I really love Shanghai, right now, I live in Canada, and I miss all my relatives and old friends dearly. But, i am going back to visit soon, on the 21st, I can’t wait. Hehehe~

  6. i got some marshimaro stuff when i went back last month…the stuff look funny. i went to shanghai also…soooo many people…but then again…most of china is overpopulated anyways. but i loved the night in shanghai altho i didn’t get to explore it much…

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