My Poem for Dodo

Poor Dodo. I don’t think she has gone this long with such limited internet access in a long time. =) Sometimes I think this is her second home. Not now though. I have really been missing her, but I at least have been able to sleep better now.

I was thinking about our relationship when it was young. I would write her a poem for every special occasion. I never wrote one for her before she left for China. I did write her this afterwards:

Thinking of you
when I wake up in the morning
and the sky is blue,
and during the night
when all turns black
and the stars are grey
they remind me of how
you are so far away;
and when I come home
I start up to say
“Honey I’m here”
in my eye there’s a tear
the apartment is cold
and there’s no one to hold.
I lay in the bed
with your face in my head
then I fall asleep wanting to be
with the girl that I love
back home with me.

I feel good when I go and think of all of the nice things that I love about Dodo. She will make faces and jump around when she is happy. She loves innovative cooking. A few nights before she left, she made some meatballs. She was trying to give them the nice dark color that her mom’s come out with, but it would not work. She couldn’t figure out why they turned out this way, but I just told her how much I was enjoying them. I ended up eating about 75% of them!

I could use some of those meatballs now. Although I still have about 1/4th of that sloppy rice left! I love those spicy preserved radishes!! I talked with Dodo today. I guess the weather is hot there, and she wasn’t feeling well. That, though, did not stop her from going out and having some excellent dinner. I wish I was enjoying a few of those dishes now.

9 thoughts on “My Poem for Dodo

  1. awww..Andy. I know how it feels to miss a loved one when they are far away. But Dodo will be back sooner than you know it back in your arms. 🙂

  2. Wow. I’m glad you ladies like my poem so much. I guess expressing your feelings in writing helps to make the time pass swifter toward the goal that your emotions care to meet.

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